United Autosports Vows To Return To Daytona After Making Mark On Full Rolex 24 Début

  • Minor but time costly issues deprive both cars likely podium race finishes  
  • Both Ligiers lead despite six of seven driver squad entering maiden Rolex   
  • Massive six-week team effort 4,000-miles from home almost gets rostrum reward     

United Autosports’ co-owners Zak Brown and Richard Dean have vowed to make a quick return to the Daytona International Speedway after the Anglo-American team made a big impression in the Rolex 24 this weekend (27-28 Jan). The outfit’s brace of Ligier JS P217 LMP2 sports-prototypes both led the race at various times and were inside the top-10 and vying for podiums for the majority of the race. The UK-based team ultimately achieved fourth (#32) overall and 13th (#23) in class on its full Rolex début, a puncture plus brake and throttle sensor issues afflicting the #23 while a clutch malfunction with just over five hours to run demoted the #32 from third-place. The United entries undoubtedly made a massive impact in the opening round of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

The #32 car of Hugo De Sadeleer (CH)/Paul Di Resta (GB) Will Owen (USA)/Bruno Senna (BRA) clocked up 803-laps (average speed 119.116mph) while the “sister” #23 Ligier of Fernando Alonso (SP)/Phil Hanson (GB)/Lando Norris (GB) completed 716 tours (106.316mph) of the 3.6-mile, 12-turn Daytona International Speedway racing against numerous “factory” teams in the top class. Former double F1 World Champion Alonso had qualified the #23 13th on the 50-car grid – less than one-second off pole – with reigning FIA LMP2 World Endurance Champion Senna a further two-places back. 

The United Ligiers ran inside the top-nine after two hours while both cars led briefly (Alonso & Di Resta twice) during pit-stop phases inside four hours, the #32 leap-frogging the “sister” Ligier at 6pm – the United cars leading the way in LMP2, the highest-placed non DPi cars. McLaren F1 test and reserve driver Norris had taken the #23 back ahead of the #32 and into sixth after five-hours just prior to a rain shower – Lando running third – the fastest car on-track in the treacherously slippery conditions – and led prior to pitting for slick tyres. But the #23 running sixth with 2016-17 LMP3 Asian Le Mans Series champion Hanson at the wheel, cruelly collected a right, rear puncture just after 10pm, the flailing rubber necessitating a rear deck and tail change with Alonso resuming 11th but crucially over three laps down on the leader. 

The #23 had recovered brilliantly to sixth but at 1am, Alonso suffered a “long” brake pedal rectified by a new brake master cylinder, Norris returning to the race 16th in class and now 25-laps down after garage repairs lasting 40mins. Meanwhile the #32 crew continued to set consistent times with clean laps and lay an excellent third at mid-distance having quietly but efficiently moved up the leaderboard. Cruelly, with almost 18hrs completed, the #32 suffered a clutch problem losing 10mins which dropped the car two places to fifth although the driver crew spent the closing stages battling for fourth place. The team decided that as the #23 could not gain any further places in the final 75mins, a decision was made to park the Ligier until the final laps to save the car from unnecessary additional wear and tear.

A combined 6,250-miles achieved at the unique Florida venue since Thursday’s opening practice session will serve as good experience for United which will return for three further IMSA races this season starting with the Sebring 12 Hours (17 Mar). Crucial data concerning the new front aerodynamics being raced on the Ligiers for the first time will prove invaluable for the remainder of United’s season – both in the U.S. and Europe. Additionally, experience with the Continental tyres and U.S. competition in general gleaned this past week should again put United in contention in the remaining three Tequila Patron North American Endurance Cup races.

The UK-based team has quickly taken the sportscar scene by storm in Europe and will embark on its mission to win the European Le Mans Series LMP3 title for a third consecutive year and its maiden LMP2 title – having finished second in the standings in its début year in that category – at Paul Ricard (F) in April. In addition to the six-race ELMS programme, plus a Le Mans 24 Hours entry, United will contest the remaining three Tequila Patron North American Endurance Cup rounds – which also included this weekend’s race – at Sebring, Watkins Glen and Petit Le Mans with its LMP2 Ligier.



Car #23: Fernando Alonso (SP)/Phil Hanson (GB)/Lando Norris (GB).

Start: 13th; Hr1 14th; Hr2 11th; Hr3 8th; Hr4 2nd; Hr5 6th; Hr6 6th; Hr7 4th; Hr8 11th; Hr9 9th; Hr10 7th; Hr11 16th; Hr12 15th (class); Hr13 15th (class); Hr14 13th (class); Hr15 13th (class); Hr16 13th (class); Hr17 13th (class); Hr18 12th (class); Hr19 12th (class); Hr20 12th (class); Hr21 12th (class); Hr22 13th (class); Hr23 13th (class); Hr24 13th (class).

14:40 Race start; 15:13 (lap 20) ALO Fuel/Tyres; 15:54 (lap 43) ALO Fuel/Tyres; 16:34 (lap 67) Full service ALO to HAN; 17:14 (lap 89) HAN Fuel/Tyres; 18:00 (lap 113) HAN Fuel/Tyres; 18:41 (lap 136) Full service HAN to NOR; 19:20 (lap 159) NOR Fuel/tyres; 19:48 (lap 174) NOR Fuel/Wet tyres); 20:28 (lap 195) NOR Fuel/tyres (slicks); 21:07 (lap 217) Full service NOR to HAN; 21:46 (lap 241) HAN Fuel only; 22:17 (lap 256) Full service HAN to ALO plus new rear deck and tail; 22:56 (lap 277) ALO Fuel/tyres; 23:37 (lap 301) ALO Fuel/rear tyres; 00:16 (lap 325) ALO Fuel/tyres; 00:46 (lap 338) ALO Fuel/rear tyres; 01:00 (lap 344) Full service, ALO to NOR, returns to garage for master brake cylinder repairs; 02:17 (lap 367) NOR Fuel/tyres; 02:56 (lap 390) NOR Fuel/rear tyres; 03:36 (lap 412) NOR Fuel/tyres; 04:16 (lap 436) Full service, NOR to HAN; 04:55 (lap 459) HAN Fuel/tyres; 05:36 (lap 482) HAN Fuel/tyres; 05:49 (lap 488) Full service HAN to ALO; 06:39 (lap 513) ALO Fuel/tyres; 07:18 (lap 536) ALO Fuel/rear tyres; 07:58 (lap 558) Full service ALO to NOR; 08:37 (lap 578) NOR Fuel/rear tyres; 08:52 NOR goes to garage to rectify a throttle sensor issue, loses 16mins; 09:41 (lap 602), NOR Fuel/tyres; 10:20 (lap 625) Full service NOR to HAN; 10:59 (lap 647) HAN Fuel/tyres; 11:39 (lap 670) Full service NOR to ALO; 12:18 (lap 693) ALO Fuel/rear tyres; 12:32 (lap 700) ALO goes to garage with brake problem, NOR resumes 13th in class after 26min pit stop; 13:35 NOR goes to garage and completes final laps.                

Car #32: Hugo de Sadeleer (CH)/Paul Di Resta (GB)/Will Owen (USA)/Bruno Senna (BRA).

Start 15th; Hr1 15th; Hr2 13th; Hr3 10th; Hr4 8th; Hr5 10th; Hr6 9th; Hr7 9th; Hr8 9th; Hr9 6th; Hr10 6th; Hr11 7th; Hr12 7th; Hr13 7th; Hr14 5th; Hr15 4th; Hr16 3rd; Hr17 3rd; Hr18 3rd; Hr19 5th; Hr20 5th; Hr21 5th; Hr22 4th; Hr23 4th; Hr24 4th.

14:40 Race start; 15:11 (lap 19) SEN Fuel/Tyres; 15:51 (lap 42) Full service SEN to SAD; 16:31 (lap 65) SAD Fuel only; 17:12 (lap 88) SAD Fuel only; 17:15 (lap 89) Full service SAD to DIR; 18:00 (lap 113) DIR Fuel/Tyres; 18:39 (lap 136) DIR Fuel only; 19:18 (lap 153) Full service DIR to OWE; 19:48 (lap 173) Full service (wets) OWE to SEN; 20:27 (lap 195) SEN Fuel/tyres (slicks); 21:09 (lap 216) SEN Fuel/Tyres; 21:47 (lap 241) Full service SEN to SAD; 22:28 SAD Fuel/tyres; 23:09 (lap 286) SAD Fuel/tyres; 23:48 (lap 309) Full service SAD to OWE; 00:28 OWE Fuel/tyres; 01:21 (lap 358) Fuel/tyres; 02:03 (lap 381) Full service, OWE to DIR; 02:42 (lap 404) DIR Fuel/tyres; 03:22 (lap 427), DIR Fuel/rear tyres; 04:02 (lap 450), DIR Fuel/tyres; 04:41 (lap 473) Full service DIR to SEN; 05:21 (lap 496) SEN Fuel/rear tyres; 05:56 (lap 513) Fuel/tyres; 06:23 (lap 526) SEN Fuel/new rear tail; 07:04 (lap 549) Full service SEN to SAD; 07:44 (lap 572) SAD Fuel/tyres; 08:27 (lap 596) SAD Fuel; 08:32 (lap 598) Full service SAD to OWE plus wiper repair; 08:38 OWE drive-thru penalty (for entering pits when closed for FCY); 09:20 (lap 622) Full service, OWE to DIR but loses 10mins with clutch issue dropping from 3rd to 5th; 10:05 (lap 644) DIR Fuel/tyres; 10:44 (lap 668) DIR Fuel/tyres; 11:25 (lap 691) Fuel/tyres; 12:05 (lap 714) Full service DIR to SEN); 12:46 (lap 738) SEN Fuel/rear tyres; 13:26 SEN Fuel/tyres;  14:05 (lap 783) Full service, SEN to OWE.       

Zak Brown, Team Owner and Chairman, United Autosports:

“We’ll be back! We’ve had an awesome week at Daytona. We were consistently in the top-five and led the race with both cars. All of our drivers excelled and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

Richard Dean, Team Owner and Managing Director, United Autosports:

“It’s been a tough week which ultimately turned out okay. It feels strange to be slightly disappointed with a fourth place band miss out on a podium but after the preceding days when we struggled with pace, that’s how I feel. In the race both cars were competitive and all seven drivers strong. Fernando was a great influence on the younger drivers. Top speed, handling, drivability and tyre management was all really good.” 

Fernando Alonso, driver car #23, United Autosports:

“I have a positive feeling about this weekend’s race and the whole event, I really did enjoy this a lot. I love driving and doing this for 8 or 9 hours in a race is great! Unfortunately, we had too many issues that were out of our control, some unlucky situations like the puncture. In one of the first opening stints we were the fifth car of five on the lead lap but with the puncture we lost four laps as there was also quite a lot of damage on the car. Entering the night was quite a good part of the race, as the car felt quite competitive, surprisingly, as it had never been like that before. We made some changes after practice and qualifying and today we were consistently one of the three fastest cars. That gave us a lot of confidence going into the night, we recovered two laps, also thanks to the safety car periods. After that we had some brake issues which the team had never experienced before and we lost a lot of time. The team also suffered bad luck with our sister car that was in the running for a podium finish but then had a clutch problem. But despite the issues we had, I have a good taste in my mouth as I learned how to cope with the fatigue, traffic management, full course yellows, night driving, driver change procedures, driving preparation between the stints like how much rest you need to have and the amount of time you need to allow in the garage before taking over the car again. So, if and when I ever do another 24hr, I’ll be much more prepared as it’ll be my second time. Now I think I can drive prototype cars at a higher level than two weeks ago, as I now know things I didn’t know 24 hours ago. But the nicest thing of all and a boost of confidence was how competitive we were. United Autosports did an amazing job. With a package, which at the beginning of the event, seemed to maybe not be as competitive as others’ out there, they managed to turn the situation around and gave us a competitive car. The mechanics, in spite of the many issues we had in the race, kept focussed and motivated throughout, proving an incredible dedication. Also, the harmony with my team-mates was great, young but impressively mature and prepared. I am leaving Daytona with great memories and a lot of things I have learned.”

Phil Hanson, driver car #23, United Autosports:

“It’s a ‘hectic’ track to race on as it’s short so you encounter a lot more traffic compared to Le Mans for example. But the [flood] lighting here is amazing. I had no warning of the puncture and even stroking it gently back to the pits at 30kph, the tyre carcass unfortunately caused a lot of damage to the bodywork.” 

Lando Norris, driver car #23, United Autosports:

“It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed it. We had some setbacks but all three of us continued to push to the end. I think we did a good job with the package we had. It was very difficult when it started raining last night. Initially I was told it wouldn’t rain for long but then it got heavier making conditions tricky. I made up ground but I had no clue what position I was in, I certainly didn’t think I was near P1. It was a cool stint and very enjoyable. You’re forever overtaking cars, you can’t relax much.”

Hugo de Sadeleer, driver car #32, United Autosports:

“It’s a very different kind of an event that I more used to in Europe. I found the track physically tough too – due to the banking and the fact the direction runs anti-clockwise which again is quite unusual compared to what I’m used to. That said, I loved driving at night under the floodlights. We had some issues that cost us time. I was running out of fuel so had to make an emergency pit-stop under FCY with the pits closed so then had to pit again to hand the car over to Will who then had to serve a drive-thru for my emergency stop.”

Paul Di Resta, driver car #32, United Autosports:

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first ever 24 hour race. This kind of racing has all been very new to me. We had some ups and downs with the car that cost us time, some just plain bad luck plus some mechanical issues that probably ultimately cost us a podium. The track is aggressive, bumpy and so hard on the cars. But I’ve loved it, the team have excelled and a race I’d love to come back and do again.”   

Will Owen, driver car #32, United Autosports:

“It wasn’t easy to achieve the result and we faced many challenges on the way. I had every faith in United making the right decisions for the race. It was a very competitive field and as an American to come back home and get this result is really special. When I put the clutch in to stop the car on Sunday morning it just went to the floor. I’d handed the car over to Paul but there wasn’t any pressure so he couldn’t take off. We just ran our own race, concentrated on ourselves, but getting that problem was a real sucker. I survived a couple of hairy sideways moments in the rain on Saturday.” 

Bruno Senna, driver car #32, United Autosports:

“We were never going to be the fastest car out there so our aim was to be tidy and consistent. I got into the car when it was raining on Saturday and that was tricky. We tried to be safe when we switched back to slicks. We had to change the tail as we’d picked up an electrical gremlin which could have affected the rear lights.”