United Autosports have come to know many of the world’s leading motorsport manufacturers throughout their various global racing programmes. They are now proud UK representatives of some of these companies, all being catered for under the United Autosports name.


HRX was founded in 2012 by Italian Ago Alberghino after many years in the motorsport business. The company specialises in the production of FIA approved race equipment and clothing, from the finest quality customised racing suits, boots and gloves, to harness and steering wheels.

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Aero Sustainable paint technology

United Autosports are proud UK agents of AERO Sustainable Paint Technology and have been working with the AERO team since 2017.

AERO a is ground breaking replacement for conventional paint which will soon revolutionise the way cars are presented. Originally developed for use in the aerospace industry, AERO has been chemically constructed from the ground up to be environmentally friendly and structurally superior to traditional paint in every way.

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