The Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) introduced the LMP3 category in 2015 to reinforce the endurance racing pyramid and to help give teams and drivers easier access to endurance racing. The philosophy behind the JS P4 car is to offer the best value in terms of performance, quality and safety for the endurance sportscar market.


JS P4 - the new car from Ligier


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The Ligier JS P4 is the latest car from French manufacturer, Onroak Automotive. It offers the best value in terms of performance, quality and safety for the endurance sportscar market, with a closed cockpit and carbon monocoque.

Featuring a Ford V6 3.7l Cyclone mid rear positioned engine, the new Ligier JS P4 delivers a massive 330bhp, and is guaranteed to impress in both performance and sound.

The sports-prototype also provides ease of driving without compromise on performance with good aerodynamic balance, excellent weight distribution and compact 6-speed gearbox specifically designed for the Ligier JS P4.

United Autosports are exclusive UK agents for Onroak Automotive and their range of Ligier cars.

If you are interested in aquiring a Ligier JS P3 visit http://www.ligieruk.com/cars/ligier-js-p4 or contact; callum@unitedautosports.com

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Ford Cyclone 3.7 litre V6 engine, 330 bhp


Master cylinder
6-piston front and rear 3 parts callipers
355x35mm front and rear discs


QUAIFE transverse six-speed gearbox specifically designed for the Ligier JS P4
Semi-automatic paddle shift system
Mechanical Inertia clutch
"Anti-stall" pit lane technology


3 way adjustable shock absorbers
Onroak Automotive specific configuration


Life Racing ECU


Carbon monocoque chassis
Carbon crash structure respecting the LM P3 safety regulations
Carbon bodywork



Fuel System

100 litre tank


Cockpit adapted to all sizes
Comfortable driving position with carbon seat support
Optimised ventilation of the cockpit and the driver
Headrest compatible with Hans device
Sodemo steering wheel and paddle shift system
Tilton twin pedal box with foot rest


Aluminium 18" rims
Front: 10"
Rear: 11"


Length: 4680mm
Width: 1900mm
Wheelbase: 2860mm

Key Design Points

• Perfect balance between chassis, engine, aero and power
• The Ford V6 3.7 l gives a strong linear power curve that allows
easy performance access for the driver
• Aero package reassuring the driver for high speed corners while
giving confidence and feel at mid, slow turns
• With its completely standard core engine parts, the JS P4 gives a
uncomparable cost reducing factor between rebuild